[Mixtape] Lil Wop - Wopavelli 3

Lil Wop is ready to release his first project Wopaveli 3 under 1017 Eskimo. The 17-track project contains additions from Gucci Mane, Digital Nas, Kenny Beats, Honorable C-NOTE, 808H, and more.

Stream and Download below.
Download: Lil Wop - Wopavelli 3 [Mixtape] | |

1. Gucci (Prod. By Digital Nas)
2. Skitz (Prod. By Digital Nas)
3. Paid In Full (ft. Gucci Mane) (Prod. By Honorable C-NOTE &M80)
4. Wokstar (Prod. By 808H)
5. Top Golf (Prod. By Kenny Beats)
6. Murder Rate (Prod. By Digital Nas)
7. Swerve (Prod. By Brent Rambo))
8. Hardrock (ft. Lil Wopster) (Prod. By Digital Nas)
9. Dope Man (Prod. By Kenny Beats)
10. Walking Dead (Prod. By Kenny Beats)
11. Friday The 13th (Prod. By Kenny Beats)
12. Sinister (Prod. By Evil Haze)
13. Soul Snatcher (Prod. By 808H)
14. Grow Up (Prod. By Kenny Beats)
15. 1017 (Freestyle) (Prod. By Digital Nas)
16. Xanz (Prod. By Kenny Beats & ChaseTheMoney2X)
17. Snakes (Prod. By Digital Nas)

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