OJ Da Juiceman Arrested For Gun Possession In Tennessee

OJ Da Juiceman was arrested Friday night after police searched his car and found guns and drugs. The Altanta rapper was heading to North Carolina to preform at at a car and bike show. Following the arrest, the rapper and his manager were put behind bars.

According to reports, OJ Da Juiceman was traveling with his manager to North Carolina for a show, when they were followed for over ten miles by police. After being pulled over and following police demands the car was searched. Police found marijuana, and over 300 rounds of ammunition.

Juiceman and his manager “32” were arrested and charged with felony charges, the intent to distribute, gun possession and unlawful crime with possession of a firearm. Both men were placed in Hickman County Jail. According to police records he was released early this morning (July 12), no word on the manager.

Via: InFlexWeTrust

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