[Album Cover & Tracklist] Gucci Mane - Gucci Vs Guwop

Gucci's forthcoming album Gucci Vs Guwop is scheduled to hit the net August 15th but today the 13 track LP is available for pre-order via iTunes. View the track listing after the jump.

01. Intro 
02. Heysus 
03. Horror Flick 
04. Mob S**t 
05. Boss S**t 
06. Used To It 
07. She F****n Errbody 
08. Drop My Top 
09. White Diamonds 
10. Mean That S**t 
11. Cononut Ciroc 
12. Ridin Foregin 
13. Rip Slim Dunkin


  1. Big Track Keep It Up Guwop U Killing The Rap Game Bro (BRADFORD UK B$G)
    1017 4EVA


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