Young Thug Has Recorded Music With Kanye West

After Kanye was seen dancing and singing along to Young Thug's "Danny Glover" in Paris, Young Thug sat down with Complex Magazine and mentioned that he was invited to Kanye's home and they hit the studio to record a few records together. Read an excerpt of the interview after the jump.

Complex: What was it like seeing Drake and Kanye rock out to “Danny Glover?” 
Young Thug: That was amazing. It just made me turn up a little bit more. 
Complex: Were you a big fan of Yeezus? I feel like you would appreciate some of the stuff he was doing on there. 
Young Thug: I’m a big fan of everything that guy does because of who he is. It’s not even in my league to talk about it, cause I’m that that nigga too. So he can talk about him and I’ll talk about me. 
Complex: But if Kanye calls and says “I want a Young Thug feature on this song” you’re there in no time, no? 
Young Thug: I mean, I went to his house and we did a couple of songs. The fact that I was [making songs] so fast amazed him too, because he doesn’t see a lot of people who rap like that. I don’t really rap with a lot of people [because] everyone raps the same way. When I first heard he wanted to know who I was and do songs, I was smiling ear to ear like a clown.

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