Waka Flocka Says Gucci Mane is Jealous & Didn't Help His Career

Recently, Waka shared more about his relationship with Gucci Mane in an interview with The Combat Jack Show, saying that he does not feel Gucci was his mentor. 

"Mentor?" he questioned when asked about Gucci. However, Waka seemed to take a step back before speaking more on the matter. "I ain't even gonna go against him. I feel I come out of character when I do it. You right. But I feel like nobody helped me do shit. Not my momma. Not Gucci. My first album, Gucci ain't even on it. Period. My second album, he ain't on it. I put all my music together, got all my producers. This shit Waka."

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Waka went on to say he thinks Gucci Mane may be jealous of his success. "I don't know the secret feelings that man got. From my personal opinion, it gotta be jealousy or envy. I don't know but I ain't lookin' for no answers because once you say it, it's done. Then I heard him say his Twitter got hacked. I guess God hacked it." 
Flocka was referring to Gucci's Twitter post regarding him being dropped from 1017 Brick Squad. Soon after their original Twitter dispute, a Warner Bros. Records representative said Gucci's Twitter account was hacked. When this was revealed to Waka, he stated that the hacking theory was false. 
Check out video footage of Waka Flocka's interview with The Combat Jack Show.



  1. i fucks with flocka hard but thats just disrepectful to say gucci didnt help him with his career...gucci not beening on flocka album doesnt mean nothing...flocka 1st mixtape Salute me or shoot me vol 1..who was on the intro introducing flocka? gucci who was waka sign with before mizay nd bsm?? 1017 bricksquad/gucci..flocka gotta understand just like nicki minaj if it wasnt for gucci yall would of been irrelevant to the game right now...if gucci didnt promote them they would be in the back..look at it like this to. gucci basically push waka nd nicki to the top with his star power..but flocka cant push wooh nd or even slim dunkin to the top if he was still alive cause his star power not as good as he think...yea hot in the streets but that dont mean nothing..nicki stayed relevant by going to another star power lil wayne/baby nd want he do finish what gucci was doing with nicki pushing her to the top cause of his star power

    1. also flocka been tripping doe anyways...parting ways with kebo capp t.o green and the rest grove st..then p smurf..now gucci...even gucci wouldnt part ways with own manz/label mates..and a rumor the cartel not bsm nomore??? that sounds crazy if true

    2. I totally agree bro and u made a good ass point when u said Gucci had the star power to push Flocka and Nicki but Flocka don't got as much star power as he think to push Wooh and Dunk

  2. its becoming obvious why gucci dropped him in the first place. flockas getting faker and faker everyday

  3. I don't want them to ever get back cool. Flocka is a disloyal fuck nigga. I don't want his fake ass on anything I'm bumping.

  4. Waka a bitch he knows who made him...everything that comes outta this niggas mouth now is all fake

  5. There is no waka flocka flames without the living Legend Gucci Mane ...simple and plain!

  6. Dunkin would of been a star gucci was just putting him on and repping him as his man before and after he died slim d was the next up

  7. wonder if im the only 1 that think that 50k remix with t.i. gonna be sum shit...as in t.i verse wont be better then gucci verse


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