R.I.P. Slim Dunkin: The Full Story

The internet is going crazy with the recent reporting of Slim Dunkin being dead. Slim Dunkin quickly became a trending topic on twitter and there is no info as of right now of this being a rumor. Early reports are saying that Slim was shot earlier today at a Gucci Mane video shoot. #R.I.P. Slim Dunkin. Stay posted for more as this tragic story unfolds.

UPDATE: Here is the official news report. Slim Dunkin was gunned down Friday evening in a music studio as he prepared to record a video. Police Maj. Keith Meadows says..... Full story after the jump

“It appears the victim was scheduled to do a photo shoot. Before the video shoot took place, it appears the victim and suspect got involved in a verbal altercation. We don’t know what that altercation was about. The suspect produced a weapon, discharged that handgun one time, striking the victim in the chest”.

The shooter has not been identified and the handgun used has not been recovered.

“Right now we’re just trying to….identify who may have seen what, really just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It seems everybody witnessed something very different. We’re just trying to go back and make sense of everything.”

UPDATE 2: Slim Dunkin Killed Over Candy!?


  1. I can't believe that Slim Duncan got gunned down just like that. WE lost another rapper. Read more about how Slim Duncan dead.

  2. dis is a dirty dirty world that we live in.....but i tell you one thing Young Vito whoeva the fuck you is, you took a good nigga out, he was kind and sweet, and goofy yea he was a bully but he isnt these days...smfh...Rest in Paridise baby and i love you...and neva will i forget the times we shared together .....RIP M.D.H


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