Waka Flocka Flame’s “Triple F Life” Pushed Back; Talks DMX & Drake Collabos

The past two years have been a wild ride for Waka Flocka Flame. Since the success of his Billboard 200 No. 6, "Flockavelli" (2010), Gucci Mane's protégé has been busy assembling his sophomore album, "Triple F Life," and calling the shots for his imprint, Brick Squad Monopoly.

Flocka's inspiration for his upcoming album are his most loyal supporters: "friends, fans and family." "You see how evil people act for money [so] I'm doing this for friends, fans, and family," he said.

"It felt like a rushed project. I'm going to do it first quarter (2012) because I need to put my all into it," Waka Flocka continued on his recently pushed back album, "Triple F Life." "I felt like I was trying to please the label and not the people that really listen to the music."

Differing from "Flockavelli," which Waka says "was to put my artists on," Waka enlists A-list collaborators on his sophomore effort. The album's lead single, "Round Of Applause," a track "hidden in the dungeon" since the "Flockavelli" sessions, was given new life when Drake jumped on it. "I said, 'Who do I need on the song to get some ladies into it?' Let me call Drake! I met him through the engineer, we put that track together, and that was it." Full Story after the jump.

Flocka also hinted at another breakthrough guest spot on his upcoming album: DMX. "I'm trying to put a song together with DMX; he needs to get back on the scene!"

Aside from "Triple F Life," Flocka is releasing a collaborative album with French Montana, titled "Lock Out." The DJ Drama and DJ Green Lantern hosted mixtape is slated to hit the 'net on Dec. 9. "When I met French Montana I thought he was a good artist. When he first came out about two years ago, I felt if I started dealing with him, maybe he'll grow as an artist. He really did. He's workin!" Waka told The Juice.

With 2011 drawing to a close, Waka Flocka offered a bold prediction for the new year. "I'm gonna be the No. 1 artist of the year. That's not a prediction, that's a fact!" he proclaimed. - Source/Credit: Chris Payne of Billboard.com

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